Road to the Open

Release date:March 28, 2014

Studio:Zoeco Releasing

Director:Cole Claassen

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Eric Roberts, John Schneider, Michelle Gunn, Troy McKay, Phillip DeVona


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Plot Summary:

Struggling after the loss of his wife, the future looks bleak for Jerry McDonald (McKay). As a single-parent, tennis has become his only semi-social outlet with his eccentric best friend, Miles (DeVona), who’s working through anger management with the help of his life coach (Nelson). Reluctantly, Jerry caves to Miles' pressure to play in a local tournament that could earn them a once in a life-time slot in an exhibition match at a prestigious national tournament, The Open. But they'll have to meet the infamous Gollant Brothers (Roberts and Schneider) who haven't lost club champion status for a decade. Let the training begin.

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