Release date:December 16, 2009

Studio:IFC Films

Director:Fran├žois Ozon

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Alexandra Lamy, Sergi Lopez

Genre:Drama, Comedy, Fantasy

Plot Summary:

Deftly mixing family drama with fantasy, Ozon's (Swimming Pool, 8 Women, Under the Sand) latest is the tale of a single mother whose new baby has very special needs. Katie (Alexandra Lamy) works full-time in a factory on the outskirts of Paris while raising her young daughter. One day, a new co-worker, Paco (Sergi Lopez/Pan's Labyrinth), catches her eye. Before long, he's moved in, and soon Katie has given birth to their son, Ricky. At first, the family seems to be adjusting beautifully, but as the strain of a newborn wears on them, strange things start happening to little Ricky. A magical and mysterious tale adapted from a short story by noted British writer Rose Tremain, RICKY paints a poignant, humorous and unexpected portrait of contemporary family dynamics.

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