Proud American

Release date:September 12, 2008


Director:Fred Ashman

MPAA Rating:PG (for some mild thematic elements)


Starring:Jonathan Banks, Michael Barreta, Kimberlin Brown, Edward Gage, Grant Goodeve, Mark McClure

Genre:Drama, Documentary

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Plot Summary:

This story takes the audience to the most stirring and heartwarming scenes in America. History, adventure and spectacular scenery are the backdrop. Opportunity, personal responsibility, and the free enterprise system is the platform in which America's success is molded. We are a nation that owes much to many. This is an American story told through the magic of magnificent music performed by top performers, breathtaking photography, thrilling aerial scenes, and some of the most touching human moments ever presented on the giant screen. It's about what binds us as Americans, not what separates us.

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