Off Jackson Avenue

Release date:July 17, 2009

Studio:Multivissionaire Pictures

Director:John-Luke Montias

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Jessica Pimentel, Stivi Paskoski, Jun Suenaga, John-Luke Montias

Genre:Drama, Crime

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Plot Summary:

"Off Jackson Avenue" is an interwoven crime story set in New York City involving a Mexican woman (Jessica Pimentel) who has been tricked into sex-slavery by an Albanian pimp (Stivi Paskoski) and must find a way to break out; A Japanese hit man(Jun Suenaga) who is in town to do a job for the Chinese mob and must finish his assignment despite the fact that he is haunted by his recently-dead mother's ghost; And a local car-thief (John-Luke Montias) who must go on one last stealing spree to raise enough money to buy a tire store and go legit. A smack-bang tale of ambition, survival and fate, "Off Jackson Avenue" reminds us that there are still some parts of New York City that you won't find on any map.

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