Release date:July 27, 2012

Studio:Adopt Films

Director:Anne Edmond

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Catherine de Léan, Dimitri Strorage


Plot Summary:

Clara and Nikolaï meet at a rave. They return to Nikolaï’s apartment and make love. Nicolaï is a beautiful loner, one with great ambition which he’s unable to articulate to his peers. At thirty-one, he leads a simple and frugal life. He applies himself to reading the great classics of literature but never finishes a book he has begun. Unable to submit to any schedule, he finds himself unfit for work. He envisions big projects and has large ideas but, inevitably and despite himself, loses sight of them before they are realized. Clara, like Nikolaï, seems not to be made for this world. She leads a double life. By day, she works as a third grade teacher; by night, she is a compulsive party-girl, exorcizing or forgetting her vaunted hopes. She goes out every night, gets drunk and high, and invites high-voltage sexual combinations, desperately trying to fill an emotional void yet never succeeding. After their passionate encounter, instead of parting, these two lost lovers divulge their deepest secrets to one another.

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