My Man is a Loser

Release date:July 25, 2014


Director:Mike Young

MPAA Rating:R (for pervasive language, sexual content and some graphic nudity)


Starring:Michael Rapaport, Tika Sumpter, Bryan Callen, Kathy Searle, Heidi Armbruster, John Stamos


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Plot Summary:

When it comes to women, playboy Mike (John Stamos) has all the right moves. So when Mike's buddies (Michael Rapaport and Bryan Callen) ask for advice on how to reconnect with their wives, Mike figures he'll share some secrets and help the guys regain their marriage mojo. But when Mike's lessons start backfiring with hilarious results, it takes a beautiful, no-nonsense friend (Tika Sumpter) to show Mike he still has a thing or two to learn about relationships.

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