My Best Enemy

Release date:January 11, 2013


Director:Wolfgang Murnberger

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Moritz Bleibtreu, Georg Friedrich


Plot Summary:

"My Best Enemy" is a twist-filled WWII caper of friendship and betrayal, priceless art and high-risk disguise. In prewar Vienna, Victor Kaufmann and Rudi Smekal had been the closest of friends, ever since childhood. But with Austria’s annexation into the Third Reich, Rudi throws his lot in with the Nazis, hoping to gain a leg up by denouncing his Jewish friend and confiscating a Michelangelo sketch owned by Victor’s family. The Kaufmanns are sent to a camp—until the authorities discover they only managed to take a forgery, with the whereabouts of the genuine artwork known only to Victor. Determined to find the real Michelangelo, the Nazis bring Victor in for interrogation. But a stormy night and a partisan attack upend their plans, and Victor seizes an opportunity to turn the tables on his captors through a daring scheme of switched identities.

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