Meeting Spencer

Release date:April 8, 2011


Director:Malcolm Mowbray

MPAA Rating:N/A

Screenwriters:, ,

Starring:Jeffrey Tambor, Melinda McGraw, Jesse Plemons


Plot Summary:

"Meeting Spencer" all takes place in one night, in the fabled Theater Row hangout Frankie & Johnnie's (recreated on a Hollywood sound stage), and concerns the increasingly frantic efforts of a once-famous stage director to raise financing for a production he hopes will be his comeback. Based on an original screenplay by Andrew Kole, Andrew Delaplane, and Scott Kasdin, the film is an affectionate homage to such classic screwball comedies as "Room Service" and "Twentieth Century," in which a motley group of flamboyant theater denizens plot and scheme, both against and with one another, in their pursuit of glory on "the great white way."

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