Release date:TBD

Studio:20th Century Fox

Director:Len Wiseman

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Bruce Willis


Plot Summary:

"McClane" which has been in the works for some time (under the working title of: Die Hard: Year One). Wiseman confirmed that we will be seeing a young Holly Gennero alongside a young John McClane through flashbacks, and that Bruce Willis (Glass) is helping with the casting process. The 1979 storyline would be an “origin story” of sorts for McClane, delving into the protagonist’s time as a police officer with the NYPD. McClane’s early years were also the focus of a Boom! Studios comic book series, published in 2009 and 2010, the first four-issue miniseries was written by Howard Chaykin and took place in the Big Apple during the 1976 bicentennial. Like the film series, the comic 'Die Hard: Year One' had McClane facing off against violent terrorists. It was followed by another four-issue story, set during the 1977 New York blackout.

The film will jump back and forth between past and present, working as a prequel and sequel and allowing fans to see the McClane we know and love as well as the younger version of the detective in flashbacks, to see how the ’70s has ramifications on present-day Bruce.

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