Marble City

Release date:TBD


Director:Ryuhei Kitamura

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Mickey Rourke, Cam Gigandet

Genre:Action, Crime

Plot Summary:

"Marble City" is painted in the same sinister shades of darkness as Frank Millers cult comic books combined with the classic tough action films such as “The Getaway” and “The Killers.” The story’s web of deceit, double back turns, twists and back alley styled ruthlessness combines with higly stylized gun battles, brawls and hyper-energized violent pandemonium. Rune (Cam Gigandet) enters Marble City after serving ten years for armed robbery; he’s full of hate and vengeance. Even though on parole, Rune immediately steals a car, picks up two nickel-plated .45’s and goes on a violent search for the man that wronged him. His investigations bring him into encounters with strippers, mob enforcers and the very worst that the underworld has to offer. But Rune is also seeking personal redemption, praying for forgiveness for his sinful ways. His journey into darkness culminates in an epic gun battle with the person who wronged him…

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