Release date:TBD


Director:Catherine Jarvis

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Frank Dillane


Plot Summary:

Based on the acclaimed book of the same name by Peter Goldsworthy. Set in the melting heat of tropical Australia and the rich concert halls of wintry Vienna, "Maestro" is a story of extremes. When Paul, a talented pianist (Frank Dillane), moves to an exotic outpost of 1960's Northern Australia, he is forced to learn from the only piano teacher his father can find - the eccentric, enigmatic Herr Keller, a Viennese refugee with a shadowed past, known to the locals as 'Maestro.' The piano becomes a battle ground with volleys of Wagner and Hendrix alike thrown between the pair as Paul tries to make sense of his own identity and ambition to become a concert pianist while coming closer to the truth about the Maestro's past.

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