Release date:May 12, 2017

Studio:BH Tilt, Telemundo Films

Director:Ricardo de Montreuil

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for language, some violence, sensuality, thematic elements and brief drug use)

Screenwriters:, , ,

Starring:Demian Bichir, Eva Longoria, Gabriel Chavarria, Theo Rossi, Melissa Benoist, Tony Revolori


Plot Summary:

"Lowriders” is set against the vibrant backdrop of East LA’s near-spiritual car culture and follows the story of Danny (Gabriel Chavarria), a talented young street artist caught between the lowrider world inhabited by his old-school father (Demián Bichir) and ex-con brother (Theo Rossi), and the adrenaline-fueled outlet that defines his self-expression.

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