Lotus Eaters

Release date:April 5, 2013
(NY; LA release: April 12)

Studio:Phase 4 Films, Meneret Productions

Director:Alexandra McGuinness

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Johnny Flynn, Benn Northover, Amber Anderson, Cynthia Fortune Ryan, Liam Browne, Gina Bramhill, Jay Choi, Alex Wyndham, Daisy Lewis, Katrena Rochell


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Plot Summary:

The film follows a group of young Londoners as they struggle to find meaning in their lives while masking their discontent with sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. The story centers on ex-model and aspiring actress Alice (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) as she struggles with her relationship with Charlie (Johnny Flynn), her drug-addicted ex-boyfriend. The fashionable group of friends epitomizes a new modern “lost generation” reminiscent of Ernest Hemmingway and his cohorts. Featuring performances by lead actor Johnny Flynn, "Lotus Eaters" contains an evocative soundtrack comprised of original music from some of London ’s most notable indie artists.

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