Looking for Palladin

Release date:October 30, 2009
(NY; LA release: Nov. 6)

Studio:Wildcat Releasing

Director:Andrzej Krakowski

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Ben Gazzara, David Moscow


Plot Summary:

The story is about an arrogant Hollywood talent agent, Josh Ross (David Moscow) who is sent to Guatemala to find two-time Oscar winner actor Jack Palladin (Ben Gazzara). Although they'd never met, the search is emotionally complicated as the long-time retired star was once married to the Josh's late mother. The young agent's contempt for the 'old' actor mirrors his comedic distaste for the local community whose help he desperately needs to find him. What Josh hopes will be a quick and lucrative deal turns into a soul-searching journey. The retired star and his estranged step-son must confront the past they had forsaken.

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