Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story

Release date:October 26, 2012

Studio:Dutchmen Films

Director:Franklin Martin

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Kevin Laue


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Plot Summary:

They laughed at him. Said it was impossible. Then they saw him PLAY. "Hoop Dreams" meets "Murderball" in the uplifting documentary, "Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story." A serendipitous meeting at an AAU event with opposing coach and filmmaker, Franklin Martin, led to the inception of this documentary. Over the next four years, Martin chronicled the day-to-day struggles of a teenage boy coming to termswith his need for his deceased father's approval by pursuing his seemingly impossible dream of becoming the first one-armed player in NCAA Division One history. Kevin’s inspiring story proves to the audience that nothing is impossible. Kevin Laue began fighting for his life before he was even born. With his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck in the womb, Kevin fought back using his arm as a shield. Due to a lack of circulation from the cord, he was born with an arm that ended just below the elbow. His disability is a testament to his toughness and refusal to quit. Journey with Kevin from his sleepy town in California to the runway of Air Force One and a meeting with the President of the United States...and then into the bright lights of New York City.

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