Life of a King

Release date:January 17, 2014


Director:Jake Goldberger

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for sequences of violence, sexual content and brief strong language)PG-13 for thematic elemen

Screenwriters:, ,

Starring:Paula Jai Parker, Dennis Haysbert, Cuba Gooding Jr., Richard T. Jones, LisaGay Hamilton, Malcolm Mays, Carlton Byrd, Kevin Hendricks, Pepi Sonuga, Jordan Calloway, Rachel Thomas


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Plot Summary:

"Life of a King" is the unlikely true story of Eugene Brown and his one-man mission to give inner-city kids of Washington D.C. something he never had – a future. He discovered a multitude of life lessons through the game of chess during his 18-year incarceration for bank robbery. After his release and reentry into the workforce, Eugene developed and founded the Big Chair Chess Club to get kids off the streets and working towards lives they never believed they were capable of due to circumstances. From his daring introductory chess lessons to group of unruly high school students in detention to the development of the Club and the teens’ first local chess competitions, this movie reveals his difficult, inspirational journey and how he changed the lives of a group of teens with no endgame.

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