Life During Wartime

Release date:July 23, 2010

Studio:IFC Films

Director:Todd Solondz

MPAA Rating:R (for strong sexual content, brief nudity, and language including some disturbing dialogue)


Starring:Allison Janney, Charlotte Rampling, Paris Hilton, Paul Reubens, Ciaran Hinds, Shirley Henderson, Renee Taylor, Michael Lerner, Michael Kenneth Williams, Chane't Johnson, Eric Wareheim, Chris Marquette

Genre:Drama, Comedy

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Plot Summary:

Part sequel, part variation on his acclaimed and controversial "Happiness" the newest film from celebrated director Todd Solondz ("Welcome to the Dollhouse," "Palindromes") assembles an amazing ensemble cast including Allison Janney, Shirley Henderson, Paul Reubens, Michael Kenneth Williams, Alley Sheedy, Charlotte Rampling, and Ciáran Hinds in an utterly hilarious exploration of the boundaries of forgiveness, family, and love. Ten years have passed since shocking revelations shattered the world of the Jordan family, and now sisters Joy (Henderson), Trish (Janney), and Helen (Sheedy), each embroiled in their own unique dilemmas, struggle to find their place in an unpredictable and volatile world. The past now haunts their family both literally and otherwise, and jeopardizes the future. Alternately hilarious and tragic, outrageous and poignant, "Life During Wartime" is an audacious comedy with unexpected resonance.

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