Lies and Alibis

Release date:November 17, 2006

Studio:Samuel Goldwyn Films

Directors:Matt Checkowski, Kurt Matttila

MPAA Rating:R (for language and sexual content)


Starring:Steve Coogan, Rebecca Romijn, James Marsden, Selma Blair, Herschel Bleefeld, James Brolin, Sam Elliott, John Leguizamo, Jaime King, Jerry O'Connell


Plot Summary:

In the style of the "Thin Man" movies (Nick and Nora) of the late thirties, Ray is an ex-confidence man smart enough to leave the grift before the grift grifted him. Now Ray runs an alibi service for men and women who want to spend a little quality love time away from their, well…loved ones. A true cynic, Ray's business is booming until Wendell Hatch, the pampered son of Ray's biggest client, sneaks away to Santa Barbara for the weekend before his wedding and accidentally strangles his date (mind you, not his fiancée). Suddenly Ray is an accessory to murder and is gunned for by everyone from a savvy small-town cop, to a heartbroken chauffeur and even worse, a pious assassin called "The Mormon". Unable to extricate himself from this tangled web, Ray must at last rely on and trust someone. Enter Lola, his sexy, fast-talking right-hand woman. With her help, Ray must mastermind one final con that will clear his name and put his ghosts to rest, once and for all. But even for Ray, everything doesn't always go according to plan – whether he likes it or not, he's about to learn a thing or two about love and affairs of the heart, even his own.

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