Let Them Chirp Awhile

Release date:December 5, 2008
(NY; Chicago release: Dec. 12; LA release: Jan. 2)

Studio:Houston King

Director:Jonathan Blitstein

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Justin Rice, Brendan Sexton III, Laura Breckenridge. Zach Galligan, Pepper Binkley

Genre:Drama, Comedy

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Plot Summary:

Bobby (Rice) is a struggling screenwriter who tries to get romantically involved with a friend by agreeing to take care of her dog. He's also stuck on an idea for an arty screenplay involving talking pigeons. His friend Scott (Sexton III) is a depressed musician bored with his girlfriend and miserable in his day job. When Bobby tells Scott the idea for his new script, Scott leaks the info to Hart, (Galligan) Bobby's nemesis, a playwright whose campy drama about 9/11 has won awards and a run at an off-Broadway theater. What begins as a quirky comedy about relationships and writer's block becomes a coming-of-age tale about competition and self-reliance among the "me-generation."

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