Release date:October 1, 2010
(NY, LA; expands: Oct. 8)

Studio:IFC Films

Director:Catherine Corsini

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Kristin Scott Thomas, Sergi Lopez, Yvan Attal

Genre:Drama, Romance

Official website:

Plot Summary:

A riveting new drama by the prolific French filmmaker Catherine Corsini, "Leaving" stars Oscar-nominee Kristin Scott Thomas as a woman prepared to abandon everything in pursuit of passion. A success with critics and audiences alike at the Toronto and Seattle film festivals, this elegantly told tale of intrigue is not to be missed. Kristin Scott Thomas is Suzanne, the bourgeois wife of a successful doctor, Samuel (Yvan Attal), living together with their children in the south of France. Weighted down by a thrill-less lifestyle and a stale marriage, Suzanne falls for the handsome young Ivan (Sergi Lopez), an immigrant ex-con working on their property. Their affair is passionate, but Suzanne is wracked by guilt. When she confesses to her husband, his retaliation begins an ugly turn of events.

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