Release date:March 26, 2010

Studio:BQE Releasing

Director:Matthew Bonifacio

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Carmine Famiglietti, Lou Martini Jr., Sharon Angela, Sophia Antonini, Michael Aronov, Gino Cafarelli, Fil Formicola, Susanna Hari, Rich Pecci, Miriam Shor, Susan Varon

Genre:Drama, Comedy

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Plot Summary:

Neil Perota (Carmline Famiglietti) is seriously overweight. At twenty-seven years old, he weighs over 300 pounds, lives at home with his parents in Brooklyn, and is obsessed and controlled by food. When he suffers a heart attack two days before his sister's wedding, he is ordered to follow a strict diet, yet cannot kick his food habit. Two months later, when Neil's sister (Sharon Angela) finally has her rescheduled wedding, it is not the $50,000 fairly tale she originally planned, but a $10,000, rain-soaked fiasco in her back yard. Disappointment leads Theresa's drunken husband (Lou Martini), who has caught Neil cheating on his diet, to expose Neil in front of all their guests. The humiliation gives Neil the wake-up call he really needs, and he decides that he has to leave home if he wants to make a real change. Neil then moves out of the city and three hundred miles north to a dilapidated trailer in the country to try and shed the excess pounds. His childhood friend Sacco (Michael Aronov), a drug addict, soon visits Neil, and decides to stay with him in the trailer so they can battle their addictions together. But after a difficult confrontation between the two Sacco leaves Neil to face the mission of saving himself on his own. Over one year in isolation, Neil learns how to compromise, survive, and falls in love for the first time with a local waitress (Miriam Shor). The lessons he learns are at the heart of this truly funny, touching, and inspirational film.

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