Irina Palm

Release date:March 21, 2008
(NY, LA)

Studio:Strand Releasing

Director:Sam Garbarski

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Marianne Faithfull


Plot Summary:

Londoner Maggie (Marianne Faithfull) must find a way to get enough money for her grandson’s lifesaving surgery. With all financial resources exhausted, she tries her best to lift the dwindling hopes of her only son Tom (Kevin Bishop) and his wife Sarah (Siobhan Hewlett). Naively wandering in a sex club after seeing a "Hostess Wanted" sign, Maggie casts aside her conservatism to earn fast money. Tough guy club owner and ladies' man Miki (European Film Award nominee for Best Actor and Emir Kusturica regular Miki Manojlovic) reveals a soft spot for dutiful Maggie, and transforms her into the much-in-demand and lucrative "Irina Palm," the hand-job queen of London's red-light district. Maggie leads a double-life under her neighbors and families' prying eyes as she earns her self-respect in the most unlikely of ways.

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