Release date:July 13, 2007
(NY, LA)

Studio:Sony Pictures Classics

Director:Steve Buscemi

MPAA Rating:R (for language inculding sexual references, and some drug use)


Starring:Steve Buscemi, Sienna Miller


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Plot Summary:

In "Interview," the beautiful Sienna Miller ("Factory Girl," "Casanova," "Alfie") and actor/director Steve Buscemi ("Lonesome Jim," "Fargo," "Reservoir Dogs") go head-to-head in a sexually charged drama about media, truth, and celebrity. Self-destructive journalist Pierre Peders (Buscemi) is no stranger to violence and inhumanity. Having made his name as a war reporter, he has traveled the world seeing some of the most horrifying sights imaginable. So he feels that his current puff-piece assignment, an interview with pop diva, TV and movie star Katya (Miller), is beneath his dignity. The two meet in a restaurant and, instantly, it's a collision of two worlds-Pierre's serious political focus and Katya's superficial world of celebrity. But perhaps all is not as it appears. When Pierre is slightly injured in a traffic accident inadvertently caused by Katya-she's the proverbial girl who causes traffic accidents-they end up in Katya's spacious loft for a long night of talking, drinking, sparring, and coming close to a sort of embattled intimacy. Each is scarred in their own way, aching from deep, hidden pain. But honest revelations give way to punishing deceptions. Their confrontation evolves into a passionate verbal chess game spiked with wit, intrigue and sexual tension, capped with a riveting twist ending.

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