Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel

Release date:July 30, 2010

Studio:Metaphor Films

Director:Brigitte Berman

MPAA Rating:R (for graphic nudity and sexual content)


Starring:Hugh Hefner, George Lucas, Tony Bennett, Joan Baez, Jim Brown, James Caan, Jesse Jackson


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Plot Summary:

Berman had unprecedented access to the outspoken founder of the Playboy empire. Through interviews and Hefner's own voluminous archives, the Oscar-winning Berman contrasts Hef's controversial lifestyle with his battles over racial equality, First Amendment rights, abortion rights, sexual freedom, censorship and social justice. "What fascinates me about Hef is that, while many know him only as a hedonistic, sensual playboy and a legendary lover of countless beautiful women, there is a whole other and far more interesting, far sexier side to him as well," Berman said. Doc also includes interviews with George Lucas, Tony Bennett, Joan Baez, Jim Brown, James Caan and Jesse Jackson.

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