How to Eat Fried Worms

Release date:August 25, 2006

Studio:New Line Cinema

Director:Bob Dolman

MPAA Rating:PG (for mild bullying and some crude humor)


Starring:Luke Benwald, Tom Cavanaugh, Kimberly Williams, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Adam Hicks

Genre:Drama, Family

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Plot Summary:

Based on the hugely popular Thomas Rockwell book, "How to Eat Fried Worms" brings the classic story of a boy whose bravado lands him in a difficult predicament. The film revolves around 11-year-old Billy, who inadvertently challenges the school bully on his first day at a new school. In order to save face and earn the respect of his new classmates, Billy agrees to a bet that calls for him to eat 10 worms in one day. As the pressure mounts, Billy must summon all his strength to keep his younger brother from blabbing, his weak stomach from betraying him, and his big mouth from getting him in even more trouble.

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