House of the Sleeping Beauties

Release date:November 14, 2008

Studio:First Run Features

Director:Vadim Glowna

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Vadim Glowna, Angela Winkler, Maximilian Schell, Birol Ünel, Mona Glass, Marina Weis


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Plot Summary:

Based on the beautifully strange novella by Yasunari Kawabata, writer-director-actor Vadim Glowna has crafted a beautiful, macabre thriller about loneliness, sex, eroticism and mortality. Featuring performances by Glowna, the Academy Award-winning Maximilian Schell, Angela Winkler, and a cast of young beauties, "House of the Sleeping Beauties" premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. Edmond (Glowna), a lonely widower in his late sixties living in Berlin, learns from old friend Kogi (Maximilian Schell) about a secret establishment in which one can pay to lie alongside beautiful, sleeping young women. The girls – who move, stretch, roll over and dream but never awaken – are cared for by Madame (Winkler), the enigmatic director of the house. Seduced and enchanted by their peculiar, unconscious tenderness, Edmond visits the sleeping beauties with greater and greater frequency, prompting him to probe the boundaries of his own morality and to re-visit long repressed memories, including the deaths of his wife and daughter. However when Edmond inadvertently observes Madame and her cohorts smuggling a corpse from the premises, a newly ignited desire to unravel the bizarre activities conflicts with his addiction to the juvenile innocence and tender embrace of those who inhabit it.

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