Hard Breakers

Release date:May 20, 2011

Studio:Freestyle Releasing

Director:Leah Sturgis

MPAA Rating:R


Starring:Cameron Richardson, Sophie Monk, Tia Carrere, Tom Arnold, Chris Kattan


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Plot Summary:

Driven by a history of dating disappointments and frustration with men, Alexis (Cameron Richardson) and her best friend Lindsay (Sophie Monk) decide to even the score in this battle-of-the-sexes comedy, "Hard Breakers." Lifetime friends Lindsay and Alexis have given up on men, but when the girls resuscitate a young surfer who is knocked unconscious by his surfboard, they discover the vulnerable side of men. They have an epiphany: thousands of years ago men used to club women over the head and drag them back to their caves for sex. It dawns on them that they too should try a more radical technique. Tapping into their primal instincts, Alexis and Lindsay go on an all-out manhunt, seducing and ensnaring men for their own pleasure. Ironically, their quest to dominate men forces the girls to re-examine themselves and the root of their dysfunctional relationships with men. They discover that their own feelings of self-worth determine how men will treat them.

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