Happy Life

Release date:October 14, 2011


Director:Michael M. Bilandic

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Tom McCaffrey, Eric Adolfsen, Craig Bugowski, Jeffrey Cashvan


Plot Summary:

Comedic actor Tom McCaffrey ("Onion News Network," VH1's "Best Week Ever") stars as Keith, an aging trance DJ who has been recently fired from his residency spinning at an upscale tapas restaurant. His life has taken a further downward turn as his East Village specialty record store is in danger of going under. In a final effort to save both his shop and reputation, he decides to throw an "old school" rave, but contemporary NYC sure can be a cutthroat city. Faced with hipster gatekeepers, an aggressive landlord, a crack-smoking headlining act, and a community that couldn't care less about his party, Keith must face the fact that the '90s rave is long over.

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