From Mexico with Love

Release date:October 9, 2009

Studio:Roadside Attractions

Director:Jimmy Nickerson

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for sports violence, language, brief sensuality and drug references)


Starring:Steven Bauer, Kuno Becker, Steve Bilich

Genre:Drama, Action, Sports

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Plot Summary:

Hector Villa, physically tough, but emotionally self-destructive, is one of the millions of illegal migrant workers vying for a new life in the U.S., and will do everything he can to rise above picking fruit in the dirt. Hector dreams of being a boxer, like his father before him, but finds he has to fight just to survive the grim reality of living on a Texas Ranch. During the day Hector works long hours under the scorching sun. But at night, he trades his work gloves for boxing gloves, fighting in the surrounding bars and converted barns, where a five dollar entrance fee and a few rounds in a makeshift ring can score the winner more than a days pay in the sweltering fields.

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