Frank & Lola

Release date:December 9, 2016
(limited, On Demand, Digital HD)

Studio:Paladin, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Director:Matthew Ross

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Michael Shannon, Imogen Poots, Michael Nyqvist, Justin Long, Emmanuelle Devos, Rosanna Arquette


Plot Summary:

Set in Las Vegas and Paris, two of the world’s most glamorous cities, "Frank & Lola" is a psychosexual noir romance about love and sex, obsession and betrayal, revenge and redemption. Matthew Ross’s debut feature stars Michael Shannon as Frank, an up-and-coming chef, and Imogen Poots as Lola, an aspiring fashion designer, who find one another at a point when each is at a defining moment in life. Their affair is sudden, passionate, and seemingly everything Frank has always wanted. But, his happiness proves short-lived when a man from Lola’s past, a past that is full of secrets, turns up on the scene, forcing Frank to question whether he can trust Lola—or himself.

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