Forbidden Lie$

Release date:April 3, 2009
(NY; LA release: Apr. 10)

Studio:Roxie Releasing

Director:Anna Broinowski

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Norma Khouri, Malcolm Knox, Rana Husseini, Caroline Overington


Official website:

Plot Summary:

In July 2004, Norma Khouri, best-selling author of “Forbidden Love” (US title "Honor Lost: Love and Death in Modern-Day Jordan"), was exposed as a fake. In Australia, she’d won fame and fortune as a Jordanian virgin on the run from Islamic extremists who’d put a Fatwah on her head for her campaign against honor killings. But she was really Norma Bagain, a Chicago real estate agent and mother of two, on the run from the FBI for one million dollars of fraud. When director Anna Broinowski read Malcolm Knox’s Sydney Morning Herald article exposing Norma Khouri as a hoax, she knew she’d found the subject for her next documentary. “I wanted to know what kind of woman could be so brilliant that while on the run from the FBI she could reinvent herself as a Jordanian virgin with a Fatwah on her head, write a best-seller, and convince the best publishing and media minds in the world that she was telling the truth.”

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