Flight of the Butterflies in 3D

Release date:October 1, 2012

Studio:SK Films

Director:Mike Slee

MPAA Rating:G




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Plot Summary:

What weighs half a gram and travels thousands of kilometers every year? Every winter, the remote and mountainous volcanic forests of Mexico are home to one of nature's greatest gatherings - hundreds of millions of migrating monarch butterflies weathering the winter. For centuries this miracle was hidden from all but a few. When it was revealed to the world it was hailed as one of the greatest discoveries in nature. It also unveiled the longest insect migration on Earth. We follow the captivating story of Dana (Danaus Plexippus) and her descendants as they make the perilous return journey from Mexico to Canada. How do these tiny and iconic creatures travel so far and know where to go each year to a place they have never been? This epic natural history saga is interwoven with the fascinating detective story and a determined scientist's almost 4O year search to find their amazing overwintering sites.

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