Explicit Ills

Release date:March 6, 2009
(NY; Philadelphia release: Mar. 13; LA release: Mar. 20)

Studio:PeaceArch Entertainment

Director:Mark Webber

MPAA Rating:R (for language and some drug use)


Starring:Rosario Dawson, Paul Dano, Naomie Harris, Lou Taylor Pucci, Frankie Shaw, Tariq Trotter, Francisco Burgos


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Plot Summary:

"Explicit Ills" is actor-turned-helmer Mark Webber's directorial debut. The film follows four inter-connecting stories revolving around love, drugs and poverty in Philadelphia. Babo, an asthma ridden seven-year-old lives with his mother in the badlands of North Philly. His neighbor Demetri transforms himself into a well-read "smart" boy in order to get the girl. Michelle, a well-off art student is quick to fall into a drug induced love-affair with her dealer Jacob. Kaleef and Jill's marriage is strained as they pursue their dreams of bringing "produce to the people" as their teenage son Heslin focuses on competing in the World's Strongest Man competition. The lyrical and moving drama finds its core as all members come together in their fight for justice and self-discovery.

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