Release date:November 26, 2004

Studio:Magic Lamp Releasing

Director:Jane Weinstock

MPAA Rating:R (for some strong sexual content, language and brief drug use)


Starring:Marguerite Moreau, Naveen Andrews, Nelson Aspen, Emily Deschanel, Jordan Garrett, Caroline Goodall, Pablo Lewin, Vanessa Marano, Brian F. O'Byrne, John Rothman, Tom Todoroff, Lanette Ware, D.B. Woodside

Genre:Drama, Comedy, Romance

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Plot Summary:

Jamie Harris (Moreau) is a 25-year-old "jerk magnet" who names consumer products for a living. She's never really known love, and she's afraid she'll never have a good relationship. When two apparently decent guys (O'Byrne, Andrews) come her way, Jamie must confront her greatest fear... Marguerite Moreau portrays the irresistible Jamie Harris. Brian F. O'Byrne stars as Mick, a charming Irish comic. Naveen Andrews is John, a sensitive, sexy Anglo-Indian poet. "Easy" is a romantic – but not romanticized – comedy in which sex has its ups and downs and relationships are shaky. It shows the pleasure and the pain of being close to someone, reminding us that, in real life love isn't always easy.

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