Release date:TBD


Director:Anne Fletcher

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Jennifer Aniston, Danielle Macdonald, Odeya Rush, Dove Cameron, Harold Perrineau, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Ginger Minj


Plot Summary:

The film is based on the 2015 YA novel by Julie Murphy about child beauty pageants. Aniston will star as Rosie, a former beauty pageant queen who now runs the local Texas pageant. The YA novel, which is Murphy’s second is set around an overweight teenager named Willowdean, nicknamed “Dumplin'” by her mom. (Her friends call her Will.) Will is full of confidence and comfortable with her body, despite the fact that her mother Rosie was a beauty queen in her teen years. She doesn’t really mind getting teased about her weight. She meets a boy named Bo who might be interested in her and now Will is starting to have feeling of self doubt. She decides to enter the upcoming pageant Miss Teen Blue Bonnet, bringing along a bunch of misfits to enter with her. She and her mom Rosie have to deal with what they’ve done for each other, and change their relationship. The tag line for the book is, “Go Big or Go Home.”

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