Release date:June 25, 2010

Studio:Kino International

Director:Yorgos Lanthimos

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Aggeliki Papoulia, Mary Tsoni, Hristos Passalis


Plot Summary:

Focusing on three teenagers confined to an isolated country estate, "Dogtooth" tells the story of a nuclear family tightly run by ├╝ber-controlling parents. While the trio is being educated, entertained and exercised in the manner that their parents deem appropriate (i.e. without any influence from the outside world), the trio spends their days listening to endless homemade tapes that teach them a whole new vocabulary. Any outside word is instantly assigned a new meaning, so "the sea" refers to a large armchair and "zombies" are little yellow flowers. The only person allowed to enter the house is Christina, a woman who works as a security guard at the family business. The father arranges her visits to the house in order to appease the sexual urges of the son - and the entire family is fond of her. But one day, Christina gives a present to the eldest daughter: a headband with stones that glow in the dark. And when she asks for something in return, the family's delicate harmony is shaken to its core.

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