Death by China

Release date:August 17, 2012
(LA; NY release: August 24)

Studio:AREA 23A

Director:Peter Navarro

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Martin Sheen


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Plot Summary:

From best-selling author and filmmaker, Peter Navarro, comes "Death by China," a documentary feature confronting the most urgent problem facing America - its increasingly destructive trade relationship with a rapidly rising China. Since the United States fully opened its markets to China in 2001, over 50,000 American factories have disappeared, more than 25 million Americans can't find a decent job, and America now owes over 3 trillion dollars to the world's largest totalitarian nation. Through compelling interviews with voices across the political spectrum, "Death by China" exposes just how badly the U.S.-China relationship is broken - and why fixing that destructive relationship is critical both to restoring American prosperity and ensuring a peaceful future.

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