Cut Bank

Release date:April 3, 2015


Director:Matt Shankman

MPAA Rating:R (for violence and language)


Starring:Oliver Platt, John Malkovich, Bruce Dern, Teresa Palmer, Michael Stuhlbarg, Liam Hemsworth, Billy Bob Thorton


Plot Summary:

Dwayne McLaren (Hemsworth), a high school star athlete recently turned auto mechanic, dreams of getting out of his tiny Montana town and whisking his pageant-hopeful girlfriend, Cassandra (Palmer), away to the big city. But his plan sets in motion a deadly series of events and thrusts him into a police investigation headed by Sheriff Vogel (Malkovich), the protector of Cut Bank and the closest thing Dwayne has to a father figure. But things are not what they seem. Cassandra’s father Big Stan Steeley (Thornton) is the only one who seems to realize this. However, the damage is already done and the events that unfold change Dwayne’s life – and the life of the town – forever.

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