Release date:December 20, 2005

Studio:Lions Gate Home Entertainment

Director:Christopher Smith

MPAA Rating:R (for strong bloody horror violence, language, some drug use and sexual content)


Starring:Franka Potente, Sean Harris, Vas Blackwood, Jeremy Sheffield, Ken Campbell, Paul Rattray, Kelly Scott

Genre:Thriller, Horror

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Plot Summary:

London, midnight, on a cold evening. Unable to find a taxi, Kate (Potente) heads for the Underground. She takes a seat away from the crowd of late-night revelers and waits for the last train. Before long she drifts off to sleep… and wakes to find everyone gone. She momentarily panics until another train pulls in. She boards, unnerved that she's the only passenger, but relieved at last to be on her way. Halfway through the tunnel the train jerks to a violent halt. The lights shut off and the train is plunged into darkness. Kate screams… she is trapped, in the dark… and she is not alone… her nightmare has only just begun.

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