Computer Chess

Release date:July 17, 2013

Studio:Kino Lorber

Director:Andrew Bujalski

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Kriss Schludermann, Tom Fletcher, Wiley Wiggins


Plot Summary:

"Computer Chess" transports us to a weekend tournament of early computer chess software programmers at a shabby hotel circa 1980. With clunky computers the size of small cars, and eyewear of almost equal weight, these vintage geeks may be in the techno-vanguard – vying to create the perfect computer model to beat man at his own game – but they are hopeless when it comes to human relations. Sharing the hotel is an "est"-style encounter group conducting a touch-feely therapy workshop, compounding the awkwardness but strangely in sync with the programmers' own youthful explorations.

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