Call for Help

Release date:February 6, 2015


Directors:Lior Etziony, Michal Hanuka

MPAA Rating:N/A




Plot Summary:

"Call for Help" is a feature-length documentary that provides a rare glimpse into the operations of a guerrilla-style NGO, the Global Disaster Immediate Response Team (Global D.I.R.T.), in the aftermath of one of the deadliest disasters in modern history - the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Without substantial funding or a celebrity spokesperson, this group of young individuals resorts to an 'ends justify the means' method to deliver relief. Their 'snatch and grab' approach fits well in the chaos of post-earthquake Haiti, and what started out as a group of self-proclaimed troublemakers quickly turns into key players in the rescue and rebuilding of Haiti - saving numerous lives, earning respect from the locals and gaining recognition from the largest organizations operating on the island.

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