Burning Blue

Release date:June 6, 2014


Director:DMW Greer

MPAA Rating:R (for language, some sexual content and graphic nudity)


Starring:Tammy Blanchard, William Lee Scott, Trent Ford, Rob Mayes, Chris Chalk, Morgan Spector, Cotter Smith, Michael Cumpsty, Michael Sirow, Mark Doherty, Tracy Weiler, Gwynneth Bensen, Jordan Dean, Johnny Hopkins, Haviland Morris, Karolina Muller, Dylan Rafferty Brown

Genre:Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary:

They have been trained to meet danger head-on, to execute vital strategic maneuvers while flying at breathtaking speeds. But after a series of fatal accidents, a close-knit squadron of male Navy pilots begins to splinter—and becomes the focus of a criminal investigation. As a government agent digs to uncover the cause of the accidents, two of the pilots engage in a secret, forbidden relationship. Their affair is exposed…and the squadron is engulfed by an incendiary scandal that will challenge each pilot’s notions of friendship, love, honor and courage.

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