Release date:February 18, 2011
(Dallas; LA release: February 25)

Studio:Phase 4 Films

Director:Will Canon

MPAA Rating:R (for pervasive language, some violence and sexual content)


Starring:Trevor Morgan, Jon Foster, Lou Taylor Pucci, Arlen Escarpeta, Jesse Steccato, Jennifer Sipes, Luke Sexton, Chad Halbrook, Preston Vanderslice, Tyler Corie, Evan Gamble, Katherine Vander Linden, Jeff Gibbs, Jack O'Donnell, Matt Phillips, Ryan Ripple


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Plot Summary:

Adam Buckley finds himself having to rob a convenience store on the last night of pledging a college fraternity. But when the initiation ritual goes horribly wrong, and every subsequent move proves disastrous, Adam must take a stand to save a friend's life.

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