Breakfast with Curtis

Release date:December 4, 2013

Studio:BOND 360/Abramorama

Director:Laura Colella

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Theo Green, Jonah Parker, David Parker, Aaron Jungels, Virginia Laffey, Yvonne Parker, Adele Parker, Gideon Parker


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Plot Summary:

Syd, an eccentric bookseller with delusions of grandeur fueled by red wine, caused a rift five years ago between the freewheeling bohemian residents of his house and the family next door. Now over the course of a balmy summer, he tries to draft the boy next door to make videos for his online book business. Introverted young Curtis is reluctant at first, but soon gets drawn in by Syd's creative fervor. Their unlikely bond dissolves bad blood between their households, replacing old grudges and repressed secrets with new camaraderie and fresh possibility. The transformative power of forgiveness, ping pong and afternoon cocktails sparks Curtis’s first seminal summer and a season of change for all.

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