Release date:July 10, 2015
(NY; limited: July 17)

Studio:Anchor Bay Entertainment

Director:Dito Montiel

MPAA Rating:R (for language and sexual content)


Starring:Robin Williams, Kathy Baker, Bob Odenkirk, Roberto Aguire


Plot Summary:

In "Boulevard," the routine of everyday life quietly peels away to reveal the struggle of a loving husband in conflict with his inner-self. Nolan Mack (Williams) and his wife Joy (Baker) wake up under the same roof each morning, their separate bedrooms underscoring the disparate worlds they're living in. Nolan's disconnection carries on in his job at the bank, where even a promotion cannot seem to lift the emptiness that permeates his life. His emotional journey begins to unfold when Nolan encounters a troubled young man (Aguire). Nolan finds himself forced, for the first time, to confront the loneliness of his longtime marriage. While bravely risking every relationship in his life, Nolan opens himself to an incredible opportunity where desire might find its way back into his heart.

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