Bob Funk

Release date:March 20, 2009

Studio:Cinema Epoch

Director:Craig Carlisle

MPAA Rating:R (for language and sexual content)


Starring:Rachael Leigh Cook, Grace Zabriskie, Amy Ryan, Eddie Jemison, Stephen Root, Michael Leydon Campbell, Lucy Davis, Khleo Thomas

Genre:Comedy, Romance

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Plot Summary:

When we meet Bob Funk, he's in a major funk. For starters, he is laudably outspoken and crass. With serious family issues, heavy baggage from a bitter divorce and seemingly no professional ambitions, he turns to alcohol to help the cause. Acerbic yet charming, Bob spends his days at the family business "Funk Foam and Futon" and his evenings at the local bar. A professional slacker with a penchant for one-night stands, Bob pretty much disappoints all his fellow colleagues, frequent paramours and bar stool comrades. And he just doesn't give a damn. Working for his disapproving mother Mrs. Funk (Grace Zabriskie), alongside his nebbish brother Rob (Eddie Jemison) and among an eclectic group of co-workers (Stephen Root, Lucy Davis, Khleo Thomas), Bob's days are long and his futon sales low. At night, he ventures to the neighbor bar, finding comfort and company in fellow drinkers such as the flippant Ms. Wright (Amy Ryan). Bob's life takes a turn however, when the attractive, yet charmingly clumsy, young executive Miss Thorne (Rachael Leigh Cook) joins the family-run futon business and becomes the object of his affection. A series of comedic and heartbreaking career and personal setbacks put Bob's life into perspective and slowly, Bob Funk gets out of his funk.

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