Release date:March 28, 2014

Studio:Act Zero Films

Director:Seth Fisher

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Seth Fisher, Brian Cox, Fred Melamed, Laila Robins, Mark Blum, Mei Melancon

Genre:Drama, Comedy

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Plot Summary:

Legendary playwright, Harold Blumenthal, has died while laughing at his own joke. As the New York theater community mourns the loss, Harold’s estranged younger brother, Saul, is vexed by feelings of angst, regret, jealousy, and an epic bout of constipation. Harold’s shadow also extends to Saul’s second wife, Cheryl, a former starlet in Harold’s plays. The seemingly inescapable media frenzy around Harold’s death fills Cheryl with nostalgia for her years as a young stage actress. Then there is Ethan, Saul’s drug-rep son who is eager to deliver Saul from his predicament. Things take a turn when Ethan catches a mysterious woman named Fiona that weaved in and out of Harold’s life. The deeper Ethan delves into who this woman is, and what her relationship to his uncle was, the more improbably comic the journey to catharsis becomes.

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