Blame It on Fidel

Release date:August 3, 2007

Studio:Koch Lorber Films

Director:Julie Gavras

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Nina Kervel-Bey, Julie Depardieu, Stefano Accorsi, Benjamin Feuillet

Genre:Drama, Comedy

Plot Summary:

It is 1970 and Anna (Nina Kervel) is a whip-smart nine-year-old who excels in Catholic school and knows how to hold a knife and fork while cutting her fruit. She lives in a large house with father Fernando (Stefano Accorsi), a lawyer from a wealthy Spanish family; mother Marie (Julie Depardieu, daughter of Gerard), who writes for a popular French women's magazine, and younger brother Francois (Benjamin Feuillet). But her comfortable, orderly lifestyle is about to undergo a serious upheaval when her Communist aunt and cousin come to stay, having been smuggled out of Spain. After her parents return from a trip to Latin America, Anna's father is soon fighting to redistribute wealth in Chile, while her mother doggedly researches a book on women's abortion ordeals. Meanwhile, Anna, kicking and screaming, must adjust to a cramped new apartment filled with noisy revolutionaries, refugee nannies with weird cooking habits, and the humiliation of no longer being allowed to attend her beloved catechism class.

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