Big Men

Release date:March 14, 2014


Director:Rachel Boynton

MPAA Rating:N/A




Plot Summary:

"Big Men," directed by Rachel Boynton, is a compelling documentary that follows what happens when a Texas oil exploration firm makes an enormous discovery off the coast of Ghana. Gaining unprecedented access to reveal big business in oil, it took seven years and several trips to Nigeria before Boynton started filming (including gaining access to the camp of one of the key militant groups The DeadlyUnderdogs). Boynton's style of filmmaking is mind-blowing: she has an incredible ability to gain an insider's access that most filmmakers dream about, perfectly positioning her to go behind closed doors and into intimate spaces. This access is critical when Kosmos makes an enormous discovery off the coast of Ghana. Christened the Jubilee Field, this deposit had the potential to return a staggering 2.2 billion to investors.

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