Release date:November 7, 2014

Studio:Main Street Films

Director:Jeff Stephenson

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Laura Vandervoort, Grace Lynn Kung, Joe Dinicol, Michael Seater, Alan Thicke, Brandon Firla


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Plot Summary:

When finance grad Neal (Seater) lands his dream job with his best friend Isaac (Dinicol) at the prestigious Hoss Investments, he believes his financial problems are solved. However, his relief is short-lived when he finds out their crooked boss, Peter Hoss (Thicke) is about to make a deal that will eventually bankrupt millions of college students across the country. In an effort to protect their fellow classmates' money, Neal and Isaac, along with their legal counsel Jessica (Vandervoort) and admin Diane (Grace Lynn Kung), embark on a crazy mission to take down Hoss and expose him as the unscrupulous shark that he is.

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